How I celebrated my Environment Day this year?

June’17. I love the month of June. June 5 is World’s Environment Day and back during my childhood, June in school started with group activities. We planted seeds, watered them and learned more about the cause. Years passed, I got busy with high school’s hard work, college ‘fun’ and now my days are all about work. But this time, with the onset of June, I planned to do something different on every weekend. June being my birthday month, I had all the reasons to try new things. I came across the Green Festival Expo online and thought of attending it but I changed my mind and volunteered instead, just to relive my childhood memories.

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Surprise! Surprise!

Life comes with surprises! Sometimes they lead to sudden happiness but sometimes they churn our minds to a level that make it difficult for a person to act normally. Life comes with both and nobody can ignore these phases. Every person has their own way to cope with those times. Some react quickly on both and some just smile and keep themselves calm. It is really important to keep a check on how you are reacting because it not only affects you and your inner strength but also the people who love you, care about you and cannot see you sad.

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