Europe Diaries | Lund | Part IV

Dec ’16. Saturday! Yes it was Saturday! My plans for Saturday? I had no plans for this day as the only thing I wanted to do was eat and sleep. I was jet lagged. I must say jet lag is not a big thing if you go out and enjoy your day but I had no plan.

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Europe Diaries | Lund | Part I

Nov ’16. It all started on November 30th, 2016 when I packed my bags, cleaned my Brooklyn apartment for a sublet and waved good bye to my roommate. I stood there for a minute glancing across my room, lost in thought regarding what lay ahead for me for these few months and when I will see my room again, or will I? With this in my mind, I left for JFK airport, checked in, boarded my Norwegian Air Shuttle flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. And that’s how my two months’ business trip started.

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