11 things I learned at New York’s Green Festival Expo’17

June’2017. Recently, I volunteered at Green Festival Expo, America’s largest and longest-running sustainability and green living event. The Expo had over 250 exhibitors showcasing body and health products, green fashion & accessories, sample vegan/vegetarian/organic food, yoga instructors, visionary speakers, and much more. Post volunteering, I got an opportunity to visit the booths with my fellow volunteer and I came across several products/activities/organizations which I was not aware of:

  1. Samina: We all have heard of different kinds of mattresses like Memory Foam, Innerspring, Hybrid, etc. But in the Expo, I discovered Samina which promotes healthy sleep with high quality natural organic products. Samina’s sleep system is made by European standards and comprises four components: Slat Frame, Natural rubber mattress, Lokosana earthing pad and Sheep’s wool topper. They had a sample in the Expo which I tried and I must say the Slat frame is really flexible and helpful for the spine movements. And then with the whole bedding in place, it was comforting and I really did not want to get up. If you are planning to change your mattresses soon, I would suggest you try this place out. For more information on Samina, watch this video: Samina, the healthiest bed in this world.
  2. Terra Wash: This Japanese company has been in the market for half a century now. Terra Wash + Sea is used for cleaning fruits and vegetables. I was not aware of the fact that the scallop shell’s calcinated powdered form can be used to wash out dirt, wax, pesticide, bacteria, etc from vegetables/fruits. Soaking our vegetables for 5-10 minutes with half a spoon of powder removes all unwanted particles making it fresh for consumption. They also had another product called Terra Wash + Mg which can be used for washing clothes. It eliminates detergent usage and is best for odor removal.
  3. Tyku: ‘Unwine with Tyku – The Clean Alternative to Wine’ — This is their tagline and they have done justification to it. Imported from Nara, Japan, it is currently the best tasting and fastest growing sake in the United States. Being a non-alcoholic, I was not able to try out the samples but attendees were relishing their drinks. They have different stores in New York city where one can enjoy the drink or attend the wine tasting events which they organize occasionally.
  4. Acacia Silk by Di LORÉN: Any Argon Oil lovers? Try the acacia silk sample. A skin care company which has its WILD ingredients from East Africa came up with this face oil which renews the aging skin, smooths fine lines, heals breakouts, etc. The company employs the women in Uganda which significantly improves their income, helps their families with education, health, and nutrition. Oil can be used after mild exfoliation and is a perfect primer under makeup which gets absorbed quickly. I tried a sample and it works perfectly as a facial moisturizer for me.
  5. Earth Day Initiative #COUNTTO50: The world celebrates Earth day on April 22nd every year but for this organization, every day is an Earth Day. They organize year-round programs and events to promote environmental awareness and solutions. #COUNTO50 is a campaign they have been promoting lately. As they celebrate the Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, they want everyone to switch to use cleaner energy in whatever ways one can.
  6. EmfsProtect: ‘Stressed, Run Down, In pain or unhappy?’ This band might help, as with Tourmaline, Germanium, and Titanium, the band increases energy, mood, balance, metabolism, and flexibility. It removes 97% of the EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) radiation emitted from cell phones.
  7. Buddha Booth: You just started your day and it’s already a chaos, be it due to work deadline, school assignments, or meetings. You might just need few minutes in a quiet and meditative space to forget everything and that’s where this beautifully designed Buddha booth comes in. It offers serene products and portable environment that contribute to meditation.
  8. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Tours: Art and architecture enthusiast? Explore the cemetery for Washington Irving, author of ” The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and many other historic figures including William Rockefeller, Walter Chrysler, Andrew Carnegie and Elizabeth Arden. There are self-guided, guided daytime and evening lantern tours for which advanced reservations can be made online.
  9. CollectivelyFree: ‘What is the cost of a Starbucks Latte?’ That’s what they asked me when I entered into their booth. And with Joshua’s tragic story of how he was killed only hours after he was born, they explain about animal and human exploitation for which Starbucks is responsible for. They talked about how they promote awareness by entering inside Starbucks and explaining consumers about the exploitation.
  10. Veerah: Walking towards this booth, I saw bright shoes and accessories. Wondered how it is categorized into green fashion. ‘Luxury Meets Functionality’ as they say, their shoes are responsibly sourced and 100% cruelty-free. Each layer of their shoe is crafted meticulously with anti-friction pillow, organic cotton lining, plant-based memory foam, Italian resin outsole, Veerah knot, German waterproof outsole,
  11. Falun Dafa: Watching two people practicing a form in a bright yellow t-shirt, I was curious about this exercise/meditation. Falun Dafa or Falun Gong is an ancient Asian practice to improve mind and body. Foundation of this practice is Zhen (Truthfulness), Shan (Compassion), and Ren (Tolerance). It has been a part of Chinese culture for 5,000 years. The reason behind their promotion is to let people know how tens of millions of people in China face imprisonment, torture or even deaths by Chinese regime because they view Falun Dafa’s popularity as a threat to the regime’s control. This practice includes four gentle exercises which are taught by volunteers for free or can also be learned online for free.




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