Europe Diaries | Malmö | Part I


Dec’16. Malmö. The third largest city of Sweden is located in the Øresund Region with Øresund Bridge which connects Malmö to Copenhagen. Malmö has one of the largest schools for higher education in the country named Malmö University. Apart from Football, Malmö is also known for its ice hockey team named Malmö Redhawks.

Inline image 1We attended several meetings around the Medicon Village with representatives of different companies. Also, I had an opportunity to visit Malmö for some more meetings and an A.I. Meet up. It was a short visit, we took the train and the view right outside the Malmö’s Central Station was mesmerizing. Streets were illuminated with lights and Christmas trees.



Then, we had a quick meet in Espresso House. The coffee shop exuded greenery with plants and pots hanging around and the ambience was pretty soothing. After that, we went for another the meet up which was a little farther into the city. We walked to the place, it was quite windy and cold as the area is around water. We were busy in the meet up so we had to head back home without exploring around. I hoped if I could get another chance to visit Malmö to see around.


To be Continued : Europe Diaries | Malmö | Part II


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