Europe Diaries | Lund | Part IV

Dec ’16. Saturday! Yes it was Saturday! My plans for Saturday? I had no plans for this day as the only thing I wanted to do was eat and sleep. I was jet lagged. I must say jet lag is not a big thing if you go out and enjoy your day but I had no plan.

My next two days were a little tiring. The hotel provided good food and my weekend went on peacefully with that. It’s just that I did not like the dinner which I ordered one day (picture below). It looked delicious but there was pumpkin paste in it which made it sweet, and that I did not like. It had boiled vegetables (I believe) which again I realized I had never had in my life. But I had no option, so I ate as much as I can.

Dinner ordered at Hotel Ideon

After a full fledged rest, I had to move to Airbnb on Sunday with my colleagues so I packed my stuff, left the hotel in a taxi around noon to 9 Siriusgatan, Lund. I must say the place where I was about to spend the next two months looked quite interesting in its own ways. The host and my colleagues showed me around. The place was nice and clean with Swedish features and style.


Later, I went to have lunch and explored the area around with my colleague. The walk to the market was around 12 minutes which was too much for me, as I never had to walk a lot in NYC. My colleague had been living in Lund since November. He was used to the weather, walking and he even bought a bike for himself. I decided to rent one for myself soon. For lunch, he suggested Zen Sushi if I like Japanese cuisine. I had tried Sushi once in my school’s cafeteria, which turned out to be a disaster. So, I wanted to give it a try in an authentic place. I ordered the vegetarian one and I actually loved it with ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. It became one of my favorite places during my stay in Lund.

Zen Sushi
Zen Sushi, Lund

Post lunch, we went to the market nearby to get my SIM card and groceries from Coop. It was quite a different experience as coming from the United States, I never realized how difficult it would be to manage in a country where the primary language is not English. All the products in the store had Swedish descriptions; I tried guessing some as few are similar to English. Still it was difficult for me to understand and get basic stuff. I asked for help and to my utter surprise, I realized everyone starts with Swedish but they know English very well. They helped me and translated the descriptions which made my life easy again.

All done with groceries, we came back. I unpacked all of my stuff and rested for the rest of the day. The place had minimal heating, so I had to put on my warmers and sweats. It was cold in there, the temperature was lower than New York’s and the air was damp. I tried my best to sleep as full fledged work and meetings had to start the next day.

To be Continued : Europe Diaries | Lund | Part V


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