Europe Diaries | Lund | Part II

Lund is a city in the province of Skåne near Malmö. It is an old, cobblestoned city. It is quite popular because of Lund University, established in 1666 and located in the centre of Lund. Lund University is one of the largest universities in Northern Europe. Lund Cathedral, Botanical Gardens, City Squares are some of the places to visit when one visits Lund.

Dec ’16. My stay in Lund was for 2 months and I was looking forward to it. One of my colleagues who was here earlier told me that Lund is quite different from New York in almost everything. Lund was colder so she suggested that I should bring everything I had to keep myself warm! It was raining in Lund for a week but the day I arrived the weather totally changed and I saw sunshine. I got lucky, my colleagues said and in fact, my luck lasted a week.

Once I reached Lund Central Station from Copenhagen airport, I wanted to see around but I was jet lagged so my colleagues took me to the hotel. We took a taxi and it was a 15 minute drive. I felt the taxi was too expensive and I was not sure if Uber was a better option in Lund or not. My employer confirmed that the taxis are expensive but he used cash in Lund so in that case, taxi was the only option with all the baggage we had. After crossing the city, we reached Elite Hotel Ideon where I would stay for a week. It was quite in the outskirts of the city and was located near Medicon Village which was good for me as the program which we were attending was nearby.

Hotel Elite Ideon (Sunset View)

After checking in, I got a room on the 7th floor, and it was nice and cozy. The room was spacious and clean and had a beautiful view (picture on the top). I realized that Hotel Elite was one of the tallest buildings around, so it was impossible for me to miss it if I ever got lost. I freshened up and went out to meet my colleagues. They wanted to give me a tour of the area around the hotel and the Medicon Village, which would be our second home for the next two months.

Medicon Village is a research park which consists of offices of several startups and other organizations. We were attending the health2B accelerator program and there were 8 other companies that were attending it. They gave me a quick tour of the offices and I met our Accelerator Manager to get my visiting ID. We discussed about Sweden as he welcomed me to Lund, Sweden. We talked about India as he was in Bangalore for a meeting. He gave me a brief idea about the program and how it will proceed for the next two months.

Lund Botulfsplatsen

Once we were all set with the office tour, we decided to go for a dinner in the main city. The time was just 4:00pm but it was getting dark and that was pretty unusual for me. We boarded the bus and reached Lund Botulfsplatsen, a square in Central Lund. It had shops all around it and the place was shimmering with lights and there were Christmas trees in the city square’s center. As Europe is well known for its vibrant Christmas and illuminated Christmas markets, I felt I was lucky to be here when December had just begun. As I started walking around, I just smiled thinking about all of the trips which I did in 2016 and how this sudden visit to Europe will be a closure to my 2016.

To be continued – Europe Diaries | Lund | Part III

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