Europe Diaries | Lund | Part I

Nov ’16. It all started on November 30th, 2016 when I packed my bags, cleaned my Brooklyn apartment for a sublet and waved good bye to my roommate. I stood there for a minute glancing across my room, lost in thought regarding what lay ahead for me for these few months and when I will see my room again, or will I? With this in my mind, I left for JFK airport, checked in, boarded my Norwegian Air Shuttle flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. And that’s how my two months’ business trip started.

I have observed that I am a kind of person who will never get thrilled months or even a day before any trip. But adrenaline kicks in when I am nearer to the destination and once I landed at Copenhagen, I was actually happy. My company’s founder and one of my colleagues were waiting at the airport to receive me. We went though a quick security check where they checked if we had a valid visa to travel forward to Sweden. We hopped onto the Copenhagen to Lund train, it was first class. I was obliged to my company for the hospitality they offered. My colleague gave me the ticket as a souvenir to mark a start of my Europe memories.

Europe Trip – My 1st Souvenir

It was almost a 40 minute journey from Copenhagen to Lund and the views were mesmerizing. I saw the windmill turbines a few miles away as we started from Copenhagen. Later, I came to know that this wind farm is known as Middelgrunden, which is the world’s largest offshore farm located at Øresund. It delivers more than 4% of the power for Copenhagen. Now, I still regret of not taking a picture of that view, even when I travelled between these two countries more than five times. With the beautiful view all around and all of my travel discussions and office updates with my colleague, we quickly entered Sweden. And as Sweden started, my founder congratulated me for making it to Sweden safely and asked me to buckle up for a two month long journey. We all smiled looking at each other thinking what is in it for us and our company.

To be continued – Europe Diaries | Lund | Part II


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