Every now and then, a vacation is a must. After a stressful period of time, rejuvenation is highly needed. I feel this is the point when a person gets saturated from their monotonous routine and a vacation is the only way out.

This year I got an early chance for vacationing and who would want to miss it? I packed my bags and landed in India all the way from Sweden after attending a business program there. I was really excited as it had been over a year since my last visit.

Sisodiya Garden- Jaipur

I have been living here in Jaipur since 2007 and I expected to remember everything such as my tuition places, the street markets, the theaters and all the memories associated with the time I spent here as a college student. Now, when I am here, I feel all those memories are starting to fade and I hate it. Due to time constraints, it’s not possible to visit the places and recall it all.

It has been 3 weeks since I came here and I love it. I took time to adjust to the routine which I had been following for 10 years here (in total 26 years, I should say) – living with my family! It has been 3 years since I left home but it feels like it’s been ages. And now when I think I am actually getting used to the environment, I just have a week to go and I caught a cough and cold.

Nahargarh Fort – Jaipur

Though, I am already looking forward to another vacation soon! Till then, I am going to enjoy the remaining days — I will meet my friends, pack my bags and will get ready for a year’s worth of work in a city far away from here. New York, I will be there soon!


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