Surprise! Surprise!

Life comes with surprises! Sometimes they lead to sudden happiness but sometimes they churn our minds to a level that make it difficult for a person to act normally. Life comes with both and nobody can ignore these phases. Every person has their own way to cope with those times. Some react quickly on both and some just smile and keep themselves calm. It is really important to keep a check on how you are reacting because it not only affects you and your inner strength but also the people who love you, care about you and cannot see you sad.

Finally when I got a chance to visit my home after a year, I was really tired from the whole journey which lasted for almost 24 hours. There I was standing at Jaipur Airport waiting for my family to pick me up. Due to some miscommunication from my side, I had to stand there for almost 45 minutes which was really dreadful after that journey. But finally they arrived and I was really happy to see them. We had some really amazing conversations until we reached home.


Surprise 2017


Opening the main door, I found myself standing in front of a huge surprise from my family; I was mesmerized and dazed because I did not know why they would be surprising me! But then came the graduation cake which made me realize that it’s been a year since I was home and during that year I graduated, got a job, shifted to a new place, travelled to another continent, etc. I missed all those celebrations which called for a grand celebration. They were all very happy, our neighbors came to celebrate and surprise me. Seeing all the happy faces, I was calm and relaxed, and concluded my year long hard work. Looking back to 2016, I know that there were ups and downs but now when I see the outcome, I am content. I forgot all the tension, tiredness and jet lag and talked till late night sharing my experiences as if I had to leave tomorrow morning. There was so much to be told and so much to be heard. And with this warming surprise, I started my first vacation of 2017.


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